Pure Education

Catrice Opichka RDH MS

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Pure Education Programs

Keynote & Live Web Programs
1-1.5 hours

Keynote programs are ideal for live web events. These 60 to 90 minute programs provide attendees an opportunity to dive into a single topic, providing a deep understanding of the material. 

Evening Programs
2-3 hours

Evening programs are extremely popular for both dental and dental hygiene study groups. Take a look at the many options available for these 2-3 hour sessions.

Half Day Programs
3.5-4.5 hours

Half-Day programs are perfect for Friday morning events. Many dental groups choose this option to provide their attendees the opportunity to investigate several topics and allow for increased attendee participation and discussion. 

Full Day Programs
5+ hours

Full Day programs allow for maximum learning and participate interaction. These programs are perfect for Friday events for hygienists, dentists, or the full dental team. 

Full Program Brochure

Download the full program brochure; a complete listing of Keynote, Live Web, Evening, Half Day, and Full Day programs.