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Finding Your Cape – Rediscovering Your Inner Superhero

Finding Your Cape – Rediscovering Your Inner Superhero

Whether you are a new hygienist who is just heading out to save the world, or a seasoned hygienist looking for new inspiration, it is imperative that we “find our cape” so we can be the superhero in our practice.  In this course, we will dive into areas such as influence and persuasion, fear and anxiety, cultural and generational differences, and leadership, uncovering ways to rise up and be the superhero in our practice.

Course Topics:

“Help Me, Help You” - Influence and Persuasion Techniques for Patient Compliance

As a dental hygienist, we use influence and persuasion in many aspects of our patient communication. Whether we are encouraging our patients incorporate better home care techniques, or empowering them to quit smoking, we practice these important techniques. We will explore influence and persuasion techniques and learn to use them to help patients make the best choices possible in their oral health.

“Feelings Matter” - Identifying and Managing Patient Fear and Anxiety

Our patient’s emotions can affect everything from their ability to process information to our ability to achieve successful pain management. We will address ways to manage emotions that become roadblocks to patient care.

“It’s the Way of my People” - Understanding Cultural and Generational Differences for Improved Patient Care

The twenty-first century has brought a new generation of patients, with unique personalities and motivations. We are also living in a diverse world where cultural differences impact the relevance of dental healthcare. We will explore cultural differences that include gender, generational, societal, and socioeconomic nuances that affect our ability to provide patient care.

“Who Died and Made You Boss?” - Developing Leadership Skills for Maximum Team Collaboration

The dental practice is a unique culture where leaders and followers can change by the minute. We often rely on the dentist or office manager to provide leadership for the dental practice; however, the dental hygienist can be in the ultimate position to provide leadership. We will discuss the opportunities for the dental hygienist to provide practice leadership, to maximize team collaboration.

At the conclusion of this course, attendees should be able to:

  • Recognize how to use influence and persuasion to improve patient education.
  • Understand how patient emotions affect processing information and pain control, and how to minimize emotional patient responses.
  • Identify how cultural and generational differences drive our interaction and communication with patients. 
  • Learn how to become an effective leader in your dental practice. 

What people are saying about this program:

I love Catrice’s enthusiasm and energy! The examples provided were spot on with what I deal with in my everyday practice. This course was extremely relatable and informative. I am excited to go back and be a Super Hero in my practice.

St. Helens Shadow Study Club Program Attendee

September 24, 2017

Vancouver, Washington