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Sex, Drugs & Alcohol – The 21stCentury Dental Therapist

The role of the dental clinician has changed significantly in the last 100 years. From dental technician to dental therapist, our daily interactions with patients are filled with new challenges in patient education, and have created new responsibilities for the dental professional. Every day we are faced with difficult conversations that go far beyond the dental health of our patients. 

Today dental professionals are now faced with:

  1. Discussing the harmful effects of E-Cigarettes and Vaping with patients who are bombarded with misleading propaganda from E-Cigarette companies and pro-vaping ads. 
  2.  Soaring numbers of oral cancers linked to the increased social acceptability of alcohol use, which continue to blur the line between healthy behavior and addiction.  
  3.  Growing popularity of marijuana due to legalization and use for medical conditions, sparking patient’s questioning its safety for daily use.
  4.  Methamphetamine’s damaging oral effects and its increased use by teens and young adults.

This course takes an interactive approach to dealing with these complex conversations. We will uncover relevant statistics and valuable information to use as a foundation to bring into the workshop. Participants will then work together to discuss the best ways to start a dialogue with our patients on these challenging topics.

At the conclusion of this course, attendees should be able to:

  • Recognize situations and opportunities to help patients with complex problems that affect dental health.
  • Understand dental complications that are associated with smoking, drugs, marijuana, alcohol, oral sex, bulimia and other socially influenced patient issues.
  • Provide valuable information to patients on complex topics through effective communication.

What attendees are saying about this program:

We have had the pleasure of having Catrice present to our Hygiene Club not only once, but twice this year. We scheduled Catrice to present her “Sex, Drugs and Alcohol – The 21stCentury Dental Hygiene Therapist” program for an evening session, and she was amazing!  She is so charismatic and engaging, and had our group participating and opening up in ways we had never seen. The atmosphere created by Catrice empowered the attendees to share their own professional and personal experiences, which strengthened the learning that evening. We had so much positive feedback from our members, and many thought it was the best lecture we have ever had.  As a Christmas gift to our members, we added an additional meeting for December and were able to have Catrice come back for Sex, Drugs & Alcohol – Part 2.  Well, she certainly did not disappoint as Part II was just as good as part I, and our hygienists were absolutely delighted.  

Catrice will change your mind-set about these “taboo” topics so you will be more comfortable engaging in a conversation about them not only in your professional life, but also in your personal life.

If you can add Catrice into your program you will not be disappointed.  In fact, you will look like a hero to your club members.  

Heather Finn

St. Helens Shadow Study Club Coordinator and Program Attendee

January 10, 2016

Vancouver, Washington