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Catrice Opichka RDH MS

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What is Catrice' Honorarium?

Catrice's honorarium depends completely on the lecture time requested. Please see "Programs" for details on the honorarium for Keynote, Live Web, Evening, Half-Day and Full-Day events. 

Can Sponsors Participate in Events?

As a presenter and educator, I am dedicated to providing the most valuable and unbiased information to my audience.  Because of this, I have chosen to not take any financial contributions from any companies or organizations toward my programs.  I have made this decision to maintain the integrity of the content in my lectures.

However, I am happy to have representatives from your favorite organizations present at my programs and always make an effort to connect them with your attendees. Feel free to connect with them directly if you wish to have them sponsor my event. 

I only ask that you inform me that the will be in attendance so I can do my best to ensure they  feel connected to the attendees.

Who is Responsible for Contracting the Event?

You are free to create the contract for the event; however, I am happy to provide a contract once the date and program is selected.

Can I Create a Custom Event?

Absolutely! Often groups see content from two separate programs that they would like to provide for their group. I am happy to customize a program with content from any of my courses for your group.